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Practical, compact, convenient Like a trusty friend, Europa will get you where you need to go. It folds up, so it’s portable and takes little storage space when not in use. With an easy step-through design, Europa is ready to party whenever you are! If you value routine, practicality, comfort and choose to be money savvy, then Europa is the E-Bike for you!
Affordable, minimalist, dependable. Lyra ST’s affordable and exceptionally reliable design, along with its no-frills streamlined conception will surely delight the most minimalist people out there. Rest assured, this bike is still amazingly powerful and fun to ride, perfectly suited for those of us who don’t need the extra bells and whistles if it means saving a few bucks.
Welcome to your new favorite way of getting around. With three wheels to ensure maximum stability and predictable handling, but without compromising on power and efficiency and a low step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting, Tucana says goodbye to the days of having to load up your car to go to the Key features The front-drive motor pulls the trike evenly, offering you full control of your ride. Fat 4” wide tires and a suspension fork offer extra comfort and stability. Large front and rear baskets provide much space for cargo and keep it secure. beach or shop for Motor Battery Range Charging time Charger Display Throttle Controller Lights Brakes Tires Rims Spokes Pedals groceries.
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Large, yet compact, versatile For the best of both worlds. We like to think of Utopia as the all-utility E-Bike. With fat tires to manage all terrains, a powerful motor, and the ability to fold it up and store it just about anywhere, Utopia is truly at home in any circumstance. Like that one friend of yours who is seemingly great at everything without even trying. The only difference is that you won’t secretly envy Utopia, you’ll just want more and more of it!
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