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About Us

Who We Are

The Bike Shop has called Winter Haven home for the past 30 years. In 2017, Stewart and Meghan Mackie, both cycling aficionados, acquired the company and relocated the store-front to downtown Winter Haven. Strategically stationed near the head of Chain of Lakes trail and catty corner to Grove Roots Brewing Co, The Bike Shop offers more than a new ride, it provides a community experience in downtown.

Meg & Stew Mackie

Meet the Mackies

Husband and wife duo, Stew and Meghan Mackie love bikes.

As for Stew, his love affair with riding started with BMX as a kid, but after a close friend nudged him to try road-biking, the rest became history. Today he boasts numerous Florida cyclocross series wins and most recently swept state time trial for his age division. He is well known for his zeal behind the handlebars, welcoming personality, and love for a mid-day macchiato.

Meghan's passion for cycling quickly followed suit. After she received a bike for her birthday, immersion in the sport was inevitable. A month later, Meghan signed up for her first triathlon, and within a year she found herself competing in Ironman. Meghan now races cycle-cross with Stew on the regular and runs the Winter Haven Cycle Club.

Together, the duo is changing Winter Haven one bike at a time. Walk into their store and you'll spot Meghan snapping a new shot for their social media handles or marshaling everything from product ordering to point-of-sale development. Meanwhile, Stew is probably around the corner making conservation with new customers and introducing them to all The Bike Shop and Winter Haven has to offer cycling enthusiasts.

Meet the Team


Shop Manager

Jessi is a taekwondo specialist turned cycling lover and one of the many friendly faces you'll meet when you walk through the doors of the shop. After 27 years of practicing martial arts, 17 of which he taught, Jessi decided to switch gears. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a fervor for all things cycling, camaraderie and community. He now helps new and old customers find their perfect ride.


Bike Builder

Jerry has worked for the shop since 2013. All bikes come boxed and he’s the man that puts them together. His favorite type of riding is mountain biking and he dabbles in road biking to keep up his physique. He loves the fun and friendly atmosphere at the shop. Jerry is retired and worked for Publix for 32 1/2 years.



Tristan’s earliest memories began behind the handle bars of a bike. By age 11, he was logging miles on his first road bike and eventually expanded his repertoire to include mountain biking and racing. For the past five years, he has been a mechanic at the shop and helping spread his passion for cycling to the Winter Haven community.



Jonathan has been working in the cycling industry for over 20 years. He enjoys giving people epic high-fives and got his start in the cycling world by harassing local shop employees until they let him build a few bikes. Once his foot was in the door he made himself at home and never looked back. Today you can find him laughing and enjoying his time at the shop.


Sales Team

Kris has been an associate with the shop since 2003. It has been a great fit for her as she loves to ride and loves people! She has been riding for the past 25 years and has found this activity to be the best therapy. She does them all, road riding, mountain and casual. She loves to ride anywhere scenic and, since living in Florida, in the shade if possible.


Sales Team

Jacob is the enthusiastic star. He has a contagious smile and will always make your day. Jacob is also a swimmer, runner, and cyclist. Yet doesn't consider himself a triathlete. Jacob is intelligent, eager to learn, and full of conversation. Whether you're asking or telling Jacob is an outstanding communicator. When you see him in the shop try beating him to saying hello.


Sales Team

Connor has been working at the shop since 2019. Connor started riding as a kid and got his first road bike in high school. In college, he was a member of both the triathlon and cycling clubs at UCF. His love of bikes led him to the shop after graduation. When Connor isn't helping customers at the shop he can be found training for the next local TT/triathlon or studying for his masters. 


Sales Team

Tyler has been working at the shop since mid-2020. Like many other kids he was often seen on a bike, but really latched onto the sport in high school when he got his first mountain bike. Recently, he has been seen on the road more. Whether it's a sales question or where to ride, he's happy to help and enthusiastic to get more people riding.

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